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Announcing the The Staying Positive Personal Workshop Program with
Meggin McIntosh, PhD: Staying Positive in a Freaked-Out World
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I am inspired, motivated and passionate about Staying Positive!

Quote from founder Meggin McIntosh "I want to help you protect and expand positive energy and provide strategies to stay that way.  My first intention is to support YOU in what you need to do as an individual to help yourself stay positive (even if other people around you are kind of going berserk)."

Imagine a personal workshop where you...

  • work 1:1 with Dr. Meggin McIntosh every week for a year;
  • have a written record of the structures and mind frames that the two of you talked about;
  • can listen to a recording of each week's workshop as many times as you like;
  • are able to retrieve your written and recorded material anytime and anywhere that you need it;
  • get invited to special events to support your quest to be staying positive in a freaked-out world;
  • and more...

Experience optimal, positive momentum for your upcoming week, both in your personal and professional life.
Make a positive difference in our world, which may stay somewhat (or very) freaked out for awhile.

Visit the Staying Positive in a Freaked-Out World website to learn more.


The Thirty Day Got Resolutions Challenge: Turn your resolutions into Reality.


Blair Singer says  "We may have never met, but I know that these two things about you are true:

1) You have a "Little Voice" deep inside you and... 
2) That "Little Voice" doesn't always support you. "

Kathleen Gage, The Street Smarts Marketer™ and best-selling author says, "LITTLE VOICE MASTERY
is about understanding how our thoughts and words can work for us or against us. Blair brilliantly conveys
the power of accountability, building self confidence and becoming authentic through the awareness of the six inches between our ears."

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NeatReceipts and NeatDesk are high-speed desktop scanners and digital filing systems that will quickly turn paper into organized, digital files. More than just a great scanner, it interprets text on the document to identify and extract key information, then automatically organizes it in the easy-to-use database.

I use my Neat scanner for tax related receipts. I keep my paper receipts for 2 years using FreedomFiler's tax category even/odd year labels, then empty the files every two years. I don't have to keep the receipts because I have a digital copy which is acceptable proof by IRS. I also scan all my business cards and various important legal documents.

Neat Company products are a perfect compliment to FreedomFiler files if you want to create digital images for some of your paper documents.


If you have a “regular” W2 job in addition to your home business, you can IMMEDIATLEY give yourself a pay raise of approximately $100/week!

Dr. Ron Mueller tells you how to take home approximately an additional $100 per WEEK in this incredible book.

"Home Business Tax Savings MADE EASY!"

If you have a W2 job and a home business, you are probably a really busy person! This book is so easy to read, it is double spaced, large type with wide margins. (This is so you can make notes and update as the tax laws change,) Oh yeah… didn’t I tell you? Dr. Mueller will even send you email updates for life to make sure that your book is ALWAYS up to date! If you still don’t think that you can actually sit down and read through the book, Dr. Mueller also teaches an online/Telecourse that walks you through the book in DETAIL. In this 4 session conference call, He will tell you EXACTLY how to qualify for your deductions and to document them so that you will NEVER have to worry about an audit! All you have to do is listen! If you can't make the LIVE dates or times, you will also receive the links to listen to the recordings at no extra charge!

Click the link below to see a special offer that contains all materials, including the all new 5th Edition of this amazing book that WILL save you thousands, guaranteed


Schedule C from A to Z
The Sole Proprietor's Guide to Tax Savings

Designed to help sole proprietors understand their tax liabilities and to help prepare their tax returns.Get straightforward answers for preparing and filing your Schedule C. Includes line-by-line breakdown of the Schedule C and home office deduction tax forms.

NASE TAX Talk Questions and Answers pdf

Provided by The National Association for the Self-Employed.
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Eat That Frog!

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