Freedom From Cleaning Out Files Forever!

Susan McCarthy, a Certified FreedomFiler Consultant, shares best practices in organizing your life using highly successful and proven methods that significantly increase your organizing ability.

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Live Seminar "Can I Deduct That?" recorded Feb 16, 2013
Grand Sierra Ballroom for Diamond Days Training for doTERRA Entrepreneurs

How to organize and manage expenses for your Direct Sales doTERRA business. Getting started as a business owner what expenses are tax deductible: home Office expenses, standard deduction vs. actual car expenses, computers, phone, travel, meals, self-employed health insurance. Highlights of the FreedomFiler filing system to organize your personal and business expenses. To download a pdf of the slides shown at this presentation CLICK HERE.

AskFreedomFilerExpert Teleclass recorded Mar 13, 2010
What's the Best Use of My Time Right Now
Trying to get organized can be counterproductive if you are not doing the right things at the right time. No matter how hectic life gets, the most successful people are able to rise above the chaos and keep their perspective because they have Big Picture Goals. The big picture is your overriding vision of what your life is all about and what you want it to be. Your Big Picture Goals give meaning, motivation and direction to your life. Learn the five steps in achieving success in knowing What is the Best Use of My Time Right Now, prioritizing using the Urgent/Important Quadrant, how to write SMART Goals,use a Daily Planning that is Goal Directed Not Task Driven.
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AskFreedomFilerExpert Teleclass recorded Feb 13, 2010
Organizing for Your Thinking Preference
Dr. Arlene Taylor, a brain function specialist, has written a study on identifying people's thinking preferences. Your brain knows four styles of thinking which are in the cerebral cortex in equal-sized areas that have their own specialized mode of processing information. According to Dr. Taylor, we tend to have a "preference" in processing information according to which area in our brain is more dominant.  Focusing on organizing styles; learn what the strengths and challenges are for your dominant thinking preference; how to design your "paper processing space" to support your thinking preference; how to get along with other thinking preferences. See our Facebook Fan Page for resources mentioned in the teleclass.

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AskFreedomFilerExpert Teleclass recorded Jan 23, 2010
Jump Start your New Year's Resolution to Get Organized
At the start of a new decade a new consciousness is emerging guiding us to reevaluate our values, getting back to the basics, finding spiritual fulfillment and to look within ourselves for happiness rather than filling up our houses and landfills with stuff. AskFreedomFilerExpert takes you through 5 key processes to declutter your life and start the new year with renewal and positive energy. See our Facebook Fan Page for the Guidelines for Creating an Affirmation and also for the links to the websites mentioned in the teleclass.
(please note that the first 10 minutes of the recording have an echo due to bad weather on the connection.)

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AskFreedomFilerExpert Teleclass recorded Nov 21, 2009
Review of the features of the improved FreedomFiler Deluxe and and the new Premier kits. Premier comes with extra blank 1/5 size labels and new 1/3 size labels. More "write-in" labels. More pre-printed label choices. New Even/Odd year labels. Many new labels in all categories. Tax saving resources for the small business owner. Using tickler files to keep piles off your desk. Adults with ADD. How to start using FreedomFiler. What documents should we scan? New laws regarding system of record for brokerage statements.

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AskFreedomFilerExpert Teleclass recorded Oct 24, 2009
Explanation of the difference between Permanent and Replaceable documents and how to organize them. The Pickle Jar Theory of Time Management. My Favorite Organizing Tools. Using a Visual Board to establish and prioritize activities. What to do when collecting and processing are in different locations. How to establish accountability for yourself and others.

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AskFreedomFilerExpert Teleclass recorded Sep 28, 2009
Things that require you to make a decision or require you to take some action can become the biggest accumulation of paper. What are the Incoming things that we we Collect? The "Goings on in Your Head" and how to manage them. Organizing Active and Resource files.

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AskFreedomFilerExpert Teleclass recorded Aug 24, 2009
Which is more important: File Time, Retrieval Time or Maintenance Time? Rotating Cycles: Date or Category System. Non-Tax related documents (household bills and reference documents). How long should we keep them? What's required forTax related documents. Choose set-up by tax category, by paid date, or vendor. Setting up archive files or scanning and how long should we keep them.

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AskFreedomFilerExpert Teleclass recorded Jul 27, 2009
What things should we keep and how long should we keep them? The A.R.T. of filing. The efficiency of filing based on three performance measures.Changing the paradigm of retrieval which will change the way you file. How does FreedomFiler's self purging work?